What Our Customers Have To Say:

I just wanted to drop you a line now I am back from my ‘Spanish walk’ – 180 miles covered in 12 days through the Pyrenees, Navarra, Rioja into the Castilla Leon regions before my two weeks ran out.
It was an amazing trip and I am pleased to report my leg/hip held up fantastically, in-fact not a peep out of it all. 
Thank you so much again for your help and repair – it made my trip possible for which I am so very grateful.

Annabel Kent

Over the years I have seen a lot of osteopaths, chiropractors, physio’s etc etc. I have had a long standing shoulder problem and an on-off painful lower back for the last 7 years not to mention all the knocks, strains, breaks and pulled muscles from years of doing intense training and contact sport. I have never really found someone who can help me recover long term and be better prepared against future injuries. Often just finding a quick fix so I can continue with life but never really addressing the underlying issue. 

So it was a great relief when I stubbled upon Katharine Dabner at TWhealth. Having moved to Tunbridge Wells 5 years ago I have flitted from practitioner to practitioner never finding someone who would really try to help me get fixed permanently. Until now. My first appointment with Katharine was the most thorough examination that I have ever had. She found old injuries that I had forgotten about and set about working on the postural problems rather than the referred pain sites. I have only seen her a couple of times so far and am already feeling much better.

Rather than booking me in regularly she seems genuinely interested in fixing me so she doesn’t have to see me (I’ll try not to read too much into that!). I don’t often recommend someone’s business and when I do I make sure that it is a good service/product by using it myself. And this is exactly that. If you have a bad back, an old injury, pain from a car crash or difficulties moving I strongly suggest that you get in touch with Katharine ASAP.

Luke Thompson – Personal Trainer/Taekwon-Do

Over the years I’ve had various nagging issues with back, knees or shoulders  which have affected my golf swing.  Katharine is always able to sort me out.
For me it’s an instant relief.  Whatever magic she does, any discomfort is eased  very quickly and I’m able to get back into my regular golf and gym routine  again.  Anytime I have a friend who says they have some issue which is affecting  their golf game – neck, shoulder, back, hip or knees – I give them Katharine’s  number and tell them  “You must see her.  She’s the best osteopath I know”

Sharon Strahan – Local Golf Club member

The three things that would make me recommend Katherine is firstly Katharine’s friendly and approachable manner, the treatments work and you come out of the appointment feeling a bit more ‘fixed’ and relaxed, and the prices are very competitive.

Lastly I would like to add that Katherine treats the whole of my family, my parents in law, husband, my three young children and myself She has made a great deal of improvement in all of our lives. She is our ‘go to fix it’ person.”

Meike Jones – Nurse and Mum

The quality of treatment is excellent, I have seen other osteopaths previously and Katharine’s approach is interesting, unique and more gentle… and I am more responsive to it… always works miracles, I have recommended her to lots of friends. Location is easy to get to as well.”

Stuart Russell

Katharine’s attitude to her patients’ and her work is second to none. From the beginning her calmness puts you at ease and her natural conversation make you feel that she really wants to help you get to the bottom of your problem. She explains in easy to understand language her thoughts, what she intends to do and what her diagnosis is and then how you can move forward with your injury. If she thinks a particular form of exercise or therapy that she does not offer herself will help you she will happily pass on other practitioners details but only if either she has tried them herself or she is confident in others recommendations.

Dawn Stockley

“I have never needed an osteopath before Katharine  and after few winter months carrying my golf bag my back was not in the best shape. Kat
managed to “fix” my back and I can swing without worries now. I plan regular
maintenance visits with Kat, the specially designed body MOT greatly
helps with my back problems.”

Marcel Cimpan – Local Golf Club Member