Paediatric Osteopathy

by admin on May 15, 2013

Osteopathic treatment for babies and children is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative, natural approach to treating the ailments of little ones. It can be beneficial for all age groups.

I have worked within three London hospitals with very premature infants and found osteopathy to be of great benefit then and later in life.

I am often asked “Why would a baby need treatment?”

The answer to this varies for the individual.

Some mothers like their new born to have a ‘check-up’ following delivery, whether it was a natural labour or a caesarean.

Others come for help and advice for a number of reasons, commonly; unsettled babies, inconsolable crying, sleeping difficulties, problems associated with feeding, reflux and many more!

It is the role of the osteopath to ask a detailed history about the pregnancy, labour and time since birth so that a timeline of events can be pieced together.

Having done this, the osteopath will gently feel the body, commonly around the head and neck, to establish whether there are any strains in the tissues which may lead to the symptoms being presented.

To explain this further I shall use an example of a patient I recently treated.

Freya was 2months old and born by caesarean due to being breech in the uterus.  Her mother explained to me that Freya was having difficulty passing bowel motions and, ever since birth, would hold her legs up against her chest, never seeming relaxed.

Once ruling out other causes of constipation, I felt Freya’s pelvis, which was very tight and compressed through the hips and sacrum.

Through gently encouraging the soft tissues around the pelvis to relax, a greater movement was felt through the hips and sacrum.

Within a couple of treatments Freya was able to lie with her legs out straight and was passing bowel motions regularly and without distress.

Although babies’ bodies are robust enough to withstand labour and delivery, they are also very gentle and susceptible to strains as their bodies are continually developing.  It is through very gentle persuasion and movement that we are able to encourage changes in the tissues and release these strains.

Young healthy tissues do not need much persuasion and so treatment can be very gentle and soothing for your child.

Osteopathic treatment can be used to relieve a variety of symptoms and conditions from early childhood through to old age.

If you have any questions as to whether we can help you and your family, then please call us for an informal chat or to arrange an appointment.


Nicola Leonard B.Ost. DPO

Registered Osteopath at TWhealth

Appointments available every Tuesday and Friday – Call 01892 526456

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