Often referred to as ‘Whiplash type disorders’ is an event (ie what can sometimes happen in an accident) rather than a diagnosis, as such.

“whiplash” is a term that has sometimes attracted some controversy. However, a study found that it is common to have pain a while after an accident. It is common and not necessarliy dangerous to have soreness following a car accident a fall from a horse or from a motorbike. Once I have established that it is safe to treat you I will look at how the accident may have effected you.

It is common to have a wide range of symptoms from accidents including ringing in the ears tiredness generalised aches and pains. This is because the whole body goes through an accident not just your neck.  It is important to consider the cause of some of these symptoms and if you are in any doubt as to whether osteopathy can help you please feel free to call the practice and discuss this with us or visit your GP.