Pregnancy and Osteopathy

Pregnancy is an amazing and complex transition and woman have hugely different experiences.  At TWHealth our aim is to support your body to adapt to the changes that come with this.

Hormonal rebalancing causes changes in the way the body absorbs water and in muscle tone and posture.  This leads to many changes in the body which lead to a variety of symptoms. Many woman complain of headaches, bowel changes, joint pain, sinus pain, indigestion, shortness of breath and many other symptoms.

Other hormonal effects can lead to changes in blood volume and this along with the postural changes can lead to breathlessness.  Osteopathy is a safe and holistic way to help your body adapt.

We can help you reflect on these changes and offer advice on lifestyle changes such as coping with work posture adapting exercise routines. We can also offer advice that will help with optimal foetal positioning. i.e. the best position for your  baby to be born in minimising birth strain for you and your baby.