Head Ache/Neck Ache

How can osteopathy treat headaches and neckaches?

Osteopathy provides gentle effective hands on treatment for relief from head ache and neck ache. I will provide you with a diagnosis, as well as advice on posture and preventative measures such as work desk set up. Osteopathy takes a holistic approach and looks at the whole body to get the best results that we can for you as an individual.

Many factors that can cause headaches can be easily influenced by osteopathy.

Dental work and braces

Sinus problems

Bruxism (teeth grinding)

Past neck problems

Breathing difficulties (such as asthma)

Coughs and colds


All these factors will be considered in a session and can be addressed with osteopathy.

It is at the core of the values of TW health to help you to clarify these for you so that you can help yourself to recover and stay healthy.