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Dear Clients,

I hope this message finds you well.

Jasmine is now the grand old age of 15 months and is walking.  Ashton is now 4 and a half, and enjoying school, having started in September.

I am pleased to let you know that I plan to start treating again from the end of January 2017 from Healthworks, Whitefield Road (off Culverden Down), Tunbridge Wells, TN4 9SA.

I will be available two mornings per week; Monday 9.40am till 2pm, and Thursday 9am till 2pm.  I very much look forward to treating you again.

Warm regards,


Autumn/Winter Newsletter October 2014 http://www.twhealth.co.uk/autumnwinter-newsletter-october-2014/ Thu, 23 Oct 2014 12:10:01 +0000 http://www.twhealth.co.uk/?p=663

Things We Love

  Thanks to a recent article published by an Osteopath based in Scotland, we were very excited to learn the ‘elementary’ piece of evidence that Sherlock Holmes companion, Dr Watson, was based on an osteopath!

 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle modelled Dr Watson on William Smith, a friend of his from medical school.  Both men were inspired by the teachings of Dr Joseph Bell due to his powers of deduction when diagnosing patients.  

 Following graduation, Smith travelled to America and played a leading role in bringing osteopathy into the 20th Century!

 Did You Know?

   I’m sure we don’t need to tell you that coughs and colds are rife this time of year, but did you know that they can cause additional strain to joints and muscles?

 If you are currently suffering, you can ease the affects by being extra aware of adopting a good posture and by carrying out stretches that counteract bad postural habits.

 You can find lots of useful stretches on our website http://www.twhealth.co.uk/news/kats-rule-of-thumb-for-stretching


Watch Out For

 Following on from the recent update of our on-line booking system, it has come to our attention that some patients are experiencing problems due to using the old URL/link which has now been deactivated.  

 Please ensure you are accessing the new site by visiting www.twhealth.co.uk and clicking on ‘On-line Booking System’.


And finally…

The practice will be closed, as usual, for two weeks over the Christmas period; 22nd December to 2nd January.  Don’t forget, our dedicated 24/7 reception team will continue to take your calls, with an Osteopath on-call for emergencies!  

Keep cosy this Winter!

 Warm regards,

Katharine, Louise, Nicola and David.

Summer Newsletter http://www.twhealth.co.uk/summer-newsletter/ Tue, 19 Aug 2014 13:00:54 +0000 http://www.twhealth.co.uk/?p=625

Practice News

We were thrilled to have celebrated our 10yr anniversary with so many of you last month!  Many thanks to all those who joined us and made it such an enjoyable afternoon.

  We really appreciate the continued support of all our clients!

 We are in the process of adding to our osteopathy team.  You can check our website, Facebook & Twitter updates for further details www.twhealth.co.uk

 Please note a change to Kat and Nicola’s appointment times – 

 Kat – Monday 12pm-6pm & Thursday 1pm-8pm

 Nicola – Tuesday to Friday 8am-8pm

  Things We Love

  Have you utilised the expertise of our other TW health Practitioners?

 Sally, Jeremy and Elma have gone from strength to strength since joining the team and we are proud to have such great assets to the practice!

Not sure if it’s right for you?

 Remember, Sally provides your first consultation free of charge, with no obligation to visit her for further sessions. Following your feedback, Jeremy and Elma are pleased to extend their offer of a free taster session to all TW health clients.

 So what are you waiting for?

 For Counselling/Psychotherapy call Sally on 07535 058 095

For Reiki call Jeremy on 07766 399553

For Acupuncture call Elma on 0758 4434 976

  Did You Know?

   Headaches are a common complaint presented to Osteopaths.

 Proper hydration is one of the best ways to keep many headaches at bay.

 The European Food Safety Authority recommends that women should drink an average of 1.6 litres of fluid, while men should drink nearer 2.0 litres of fluid per day. That’s about eight 200ml glasses for a woman and 10 200ml glasses for a man. 

 Remember, the amount a person needs to drink to avoid getting dehydrated will vary depending on a range of factors, including their size, the temperature and how active they are.

   Watch Out For

  Our Online Booking facility has been upgraded!  Apologies to anyone who experienced problems whilst the work was carried out.

 Remember, you can email Louise if you need any assistance getting set up as a user or if you need to report any issues.

 6-12 October is Back Care Awareness Week.

This year’s theme is Back Health in the Office.  Please contact Louise if you would be interested in one of our Osteopaths visiting your office to run a FREE 1 hour posture workshop.


And finally…

The practice will be closed as usual for the August Bank Holiday; 25th August, but don’t forget; our dedicated 24/7 reception team will continue to take your calls, with an Osteopath on-call for emergencies.

 Have a wonderful summer!

 Warm regards,

 Katharine, Louise and Nicola

“Reiki” In Sickness and in Health http://www.twhealth.co.uk/%e2%80%9creiki%e2%80%9d-in-sickness-and-in-health/ Tue, 29 Jul 2014 10:46:54 +0000 http://www.twhealth.co.uk/?p=617

Well yes Reiki can be really beneficial at all stages of life. Even if you think you’re ok.

As we progress through life we deal with emotional and stress situations which we park or push away as we deal with them. These appear to fade but can still be there even if we don’t think they are and can progressively impact on your wellbeing.

 These can eventually build up and just when you don’t expect to you start to feel unwell, frustrated with aspects of your life and a using energy to cope with the negative emotions which wear you down leading to fatigue and other physical manifestations.

How to break the cycle?

Reiki can gently and progressively release stress and help banish past emotional scars at a pace that’s intuitive for you.

It works holistically on your whole system balancing and harmonising and encourages the body and mind to heal.

The treatments allow you time to relax and promote a feeling of complete tranquillity. This allows your mind to de clutter and encourages a measure of reflection and objectiveness on personal life situations.

 The result: you just feel better. If you feel better and have a more positive outlook life’s challenges are still there but don’t bring you down.

 Once you’re in a better place regular treatments can keep you there. The interval between sessions is always an individual intuitive process. You just know when you need a little extra help.

I treat in a calm tranquil setting allowing you time to relax whilst the Reiki gets to work.

I look forward to welcoming you at TW Reiki of Tunbridge Wells.


Jeremy Sweetman

Reiki Master Practitioner TW Health

For more information about Reiki and its benefits visit


Reiki Healing. The Ripple Effect. http://www.twhealth.co.uk/reiki-healing-the-ripple-effect/ Wed, 21 May 2014 10:15:59 +0000 http://www.twhealth.co.uk/?p=579

Having regular Reiki treatments can act as a preventative maintenance program by promoting a greater sense of inner harmony and gently encouraging a positive outlook.

If you are feeling better in yourself this will not only be an obvious benefit to you but also to people around you.

Family, friends and work colleagues will notice the difference and these people will, relate to you in a better way creating a virtuous circle of positive progression.

In this respect Reiki can be a great business and personal tool to help and support you in attaining your goals in life, a multi tasker!

Reiki Treatments are a process rather than a single event and work gently and deeply to promote change from within at a pace that you can handle. It can progressively assist in releasing negative emotions and allow you to move forward with greater clarity and focus.

As your outlook changes you become aware of viewing troublesome life situations and emotions from a more objective prospective, the rear view mirror as they gradually become distant and eventually irrelevant!

To start the journey try Reiki which has and continues to be a personal revelation to me and I would hope also to you.


Jeremy Sweetman

Reiki Master Practitioner TW Health

For more information about Reiki and its benefits visit


Family Nutrition http://www.twhealth.co.uk/family-nutrition/ Thu, 17 Apr 2014 11:37:15 +0000 http://www.twhealth.co.uk/?p=567

Feel Good Personal Trainers Dominic and Neil recently educated over 300 parents from schools in the Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge areas. 


The main point they aimed to get across was how to ensure you and your family can fuel yourselves correctly throughout the day, without putting on any excess weight.


They only had a 20 minute time limit which didn’t leave enough time to get all the information across; however, they did manage to cover the following –


  • The health problems associated with being both underweight and overweight
  • Why we are seeing a rapid rise in obesity levels
  • The hidden sugars in well known cereals and drinks
  • What we should be eating for breakfast and why
  • What we should be eating for lunch and why
  • What we should be eating for dinner and why
  • How we can combat weight issues in children


We hope you find this video very informative and start your journey to creating a healthier, happier family!


Link to video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ML8CYEbqCoA


For more information on one-to-one sessions with one of their Personal Trainers in Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge, please visit their Personal Training page.


For Online Personal Training, individually tailored diet and exercise plans please visit their Online Training Site



Wellbeing Week http://www.twhealth.co.uk/wellbeing-week/ Wed, 19 Mar 2014 12:55:53 +0000 http://www.twhealth.co.uk/?p=531

Did you know that this year’s World Health Day is on 7th April?

As a holistic practice, every aspect of our patient’s health is important to us, so in support of World Health Day, 7-10 April 2014 will be our Wellbeing Week.

In support of your wellbeing, we are pleased to offer our existing patients 50% off when they experience a treatment with one of our other Practitioners* during Wellbeing Week (7-10 April).


For Counselling/Psychotherapy with Sally call 07535 058 095 or email sallybishop@live.co.uk

For Reiki with Jeremy call 07766 399 553 or email jpsweetman@hotmail.co.uk

For Acupuncture with Elma call 07584 434 976 or email elma@acupuncturespace.co.uk

For Osteopathy with Kat, Nicola or Vasso call 01892 526 456 or email info@twhealth.co.uk


Don’t miss out!

Call now to arrange your appointment!


* This offer does not include an existing osteopathy patient having an appointment with an alternative osteopath.

Reiki http://www.twhealth.co.uk/reiki/ Fri, 08 Nov 2013 14:28:01 +0000 http://www.twhealth.co.uk/?p=497

 Getting Healthy, Staying Healthy, in Mind Body and Spirit

Autumn has very definitely enveloped us, after a good summer we miss the blue sky, warmth and light. Winter is often a more difficult season when we can all feel a bit low.

Important not to let the season get the better of us and a Reiki Treatment can be a boost to your system and can lift your spirits.

For some the path to fitness  from illness stress and trauma can be difficult with a multitude of elements which need to be addressed.

So how do we tackle it?

It is the ability to provide an integrated treatment to cover the whole spectrum.

The physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

A holistic approach to the whole self.

Prolonged stress can lead to the development of physical symptoms or exhaustion, and the feeling of just not be able to cope with all the challenges life presents.

Often we need to look deeper into ourselves to find underlying emotional and mental issues which may be stored from years ago in our subconscious but still effect how we feel today, and our state of health.

This is where Reiki can help to  gently release and deal with these issues, at a pace you can handle, so you can move on with your life, gain a greater prospective so that difficult personal decisions and situations can be viewed with clarity and tackled with greater confidence.

It’s all about getting to a better place and staying there.   Once you feel better your body and mind can heal better.

Reiki treatments have to be experienced to fully appreciate the benefits which build over time. Slowly and gently the layers of deeper set issues are peeled back and released.

You reach a calm inner space with deep relaxation and sensations of warmth, tingling or seeing colours as the Reiki energy flows through your system. Its intuitive….. it goes where it is needed most!

The holistic treatment approach restores balance so you feel better and have the courage to cope with whatever life throws at you.

Reiki Treatments promote health and wellbeing and help to keep you on top of life.

Jeremy Sweetman is a Reiki Master Therapist based at TW Health.

Appointments available every Monday.

Call 07766 399553 or 01892 515168

Email jpsweetman@hotmail.co.uk


Anti-Desk Workshop http://www.twhealth.co.uk/anti-desk-workshop/ Mon, 08 Jul 2013 14:51:57 +0000 http://www.twhealth.co.uk/?p=414

Do you spend too much time sat at a desk or in front of a computer?

We are now offering local offices our Anti-Desk Workshop.

The Workshop lasts 60mins and can be arranged for a time that best suits your workplace.

Topics include –

• What is a tired Muscle and why does it stay tight?
• How does posture work?
• Effective anti-desk stretches
• Ergonomics
• Eye Fatigue
• Breathing Techniques

There will be practical demonstrations and hand outs to take away.

For more information please call 01892 526456
or email info@twhealth.co.uk

Paediatric Osteopathy http://www.twhealth.co.uk/paediatric-osteopathy/ Wed, 15 May 2013 14:38:31 +0000 http://www.twhealth.co.uk/?p=377

Osteopathic treatment for babies and children is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative, natural approach to treating the ailments of little ones. It can be beneficial for all age groups.

I have worked within three London hospitals with very premature infants and found osteopathy to be of great benefit then and later in life.

I am often asked “Why would a baby need treatment?”

The answer to this varies for the individual.

Some mothers like their new born to have a ‘check-up’ following delivery, whether it was a natural labour or a caesarean.

Others come for help and advice for a number of reasons, commonly; unsettled babies, inconsolable crying, sleeping difficulties, problems associated with feeding, reflux and many more!

It is the role of the osteopath to ask a detailed history about the pregnancy, labour and time since birth so that a timeline of events can be pieced together.

Having done this, the osteopath will gently feel the body, commonly around the head and neck, to establish whether there are any strains in the tissues which may lead to the symptoms being presented.

To explain this further I shall use an example of a patient I recently treated.

Freya was 2months old and born by caesarean due to being breech in the uterus.  Her mother explained to me that Freya was having difficulty passing bowel motions and, ever since birth, would hold her legs up against her chest, never seeming relaxed.

Once ruling out other causes of constipation, I felt Freya’s pelvis, which was very tight and compressed through the hips and sacrum.

Through gently encouraging the soft tissues around the pelvis to relax, a greater movement was felt through the hips and sacrum.

Within a couple of treatments Freya was able to lie with her legs out straight and was passing bowel motions regularly and without distress.

Although babies’ bodies are robust enough to withstand labour and delivery, they are also very gentle and susceptible to strains as their bodies are continually developing.  It is through very gentle persuasion and movement that we are able to encourage changes in the tissues and release these strains.

Young healthy tissues do not need much persuasion and so treatment can be very gentle and soothing for your child.

Osteopathic treatment can be used to relieve a variety of symptoms and conditions from early childhood through to old age.

If you have any questions as to whether we can help you and your family, then please call us for an informal chat or to arrange an appointment.


Nicola Leonard B.Ost. DPO

Registered Osteopath at TWhealth

Appointments available every Tuesday and Friday – Call 01892 526456