About Us

The Practice was opened by Katharine Dabner in 2005 in this leafy and peaceful area of Tunbridge Wells.

We maintain a professional yet relaxed atmosphere and welcome patients of all ages.

Our Osteopaths use a combination of structural and cranial techniques and boast a gentle approach to their effective treatments.

Our Mission Statement

We are compassionate individuals, providing a peaceful space for people to have holistic therapies that facilitate them to grow spiritually, educate themselves and improve their health.

We are committed to supporting the body to find its healing.

We are committed to helping people to work with their bodies listening to their symptoms rather than suppressing them to achieve health through a balance of mind, body and spirit.

Through being generous with our knowledge, we are committed to empowering the people we meet to a better understanding of their health and helping them to have more choice about how to achieve health.

We are committed to providing enjoyable treatments, using minimal intervention and a non-invasive approach.

We are non-dogmatic respecting others’ beliefs and opinions about their health.

We view health as the strong roots from which we can grow as people. We are committed to the approach that we can have fun with the challenges of life and deal with them with grace and humour.

We are committed to sowing seeds of small simple changes to your daily routine that can build a strong foundation to health.