5th February 2016

Dear valued patients of TW health,

I am thrilled to update you with the arrival of Wilson and Jasmine. Nicola had Wilson on 12th July at 6lbs 3oz. Jasmine arrived on 17th July at 6lbs 13oz. Both mums and babies are doing well!

Though we very much miss our wonderful TW health clients, both Kat and Nicola are enjoying motherhood. The last 6 months has gone very quickly for us both.
Nicola will be practicing again in April 2016 at another location. Feel free to email us (kat@twhealth.co.uk) should you require her to contact you for an appointment.

Future plans for TW health will be posted on the website nearer to May 2017.

We wish you all the very best of health and happiness for 2016.

Warm regards,

Kat Dabner













8th May 2015

Dear valued patients

As you will be aware from our recent correspondence, both Nicola and I are now on maternity leave. I can be contacted by email which will be checked once per week. In the meantime I have listed below recommended osteopaths who are aware of the style of treatment that we provide here and are happy to take over your care for this period of time.

If you would like any help with the transfer of your care please feel free to email me.

Please be aware I am not contactable by phone and will not see text messages. However, if you wish to speak to me you can email me and I shall call you back.

I will be in contact near the end of my maternity leave (July 2017) and updates about the practice will be posted on the website.

Nicola shall be returning to work in March 2016. If you would like to contact Nicola when she returns to work, please feel free to email me and I will put you in touch. Thank you very much for bearing with us at this time.

I look forward to treating you again on my return.

Warm regards

Recommended osteopaths

Claire Piper (Crowborough)
Appointments: 01892 783 027
Enquiries: 07891 043 497
In Touch With Health – Osteopathic Practice

Mathew Moat (central tunbridge Wells)
Tunbridge Wells Osteopaths
5 Upper Grosvenor Road,
Tunbridge Wells,
Telephone during clinic hours: 01892 535858

Ritchie Krysia (Pembury)
The Old Chapel,
Hastings Road,
Tunbridge Wells,
01892 826133